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FIRST AID TRAINING should be a regular feature of yearly training programmes, it is a requirement that businesses and organisations carry out a regular FIRST AID RISK ASSESSMENT to establish their first aid requirements.


We offer a FREE FIRST AID RISK ASSESSMENT for your business or organisation to help you decide on the level of training and things like number of first aid kits etc

Some organisations prefer to have a person 'in house' to carry out first aid risk assessments, our FIRST AID RISK ASSESSMENT COURSE would be suitable training for this role.

Often this is a course offered to the APPOINTED PERSON as part of a package.


One thing to consider is that not all FIRST AID TRAINING is the same!

All our courses are delivered by experienced and qualified tutors with real life experience of the subjects they teach.

All our work place courses are fully regulated and sit on the national qualification framework - so you get a real certificate from a recognised and approved awarding body.

CLICK HERE for information on EMERGENCY FIRST AID at WORK (1 day)

CLICK HERE for information on FIRST AID at WORK (3 day initial course)

CLICK HERE for information on the FIRST AID at WORK RENEWAL (2 day)

CLICK HERE for information on the FIRST AID at WORK REFRESHER (half day)

We offer lots of other regulated first aid training including -

Paediatric Emergency First Aid, Paediatric First Aid, Anaphylaxis Management, Activity First Aid

Contact us today at no obligation to discuss your requirements and see if we can help you ensure you are ready to do something - rather than nothing when the time comes.

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